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A letter from dentalcorp’s Guy Amini, President, and from Graham Rosenberg, CEO, dentalcorp

Posted Sep 6th, 2022 in 2022, in the news

Today marks dentalcorp’s 11th anniversary.

As we look at our journey through the years, and our accomplishments along the way, we should be inspired. More important, however, is our future, and as we look forward to what’s in store, we have so much to be excited about.

The number 11 is synonymous with synchronicity, which is fitting for the transformation we’re undergoing as a company.

In 2011, what started as a simple idea to support dentists through a transition, has grown into Canada’s largest and leading network of dental practices, committed to becoming Canada’s most trusted healthcare provider.

Today, with a team of more than 8,000 talented dental professionals delivering care to over 1.7 million patients across 525+ practices coast to coast, we are united not only by our shared values but our collective commitment to setting a new standard in the quality of care our patients experience, and the quality of career our dental professionals have along the way.

On behalf of dentalcorp’s leadership team, thank you for always caring for your patient communities, supporting each other, and being such an integral part of this incredible journey.

Guy and Graham

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