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Canada's leading network of dental practices

Transforming dentistry to advance patient care

Dentalcorp acquires and partners with the country's top dental practices to provide resources, support and technology to ensure they stay at the forefront of oral care in Canada.

We offer the most rewarding professional experiences in the industry, while fostering healthy and happy communities across the country.

We forge the path forward for dental professionals in Canada

  • Support

    Access to administrative resources for all aspects of running a practice

  • Clinical autonomy

    Provide optimal patient care with complete professional independence

  • Operational excellence

    Benefit from industry-leading technology, data and insights

  • Opportunity

    Enhance clinical skills and professional development to build a rewarding career

  • Team Members 1

    What Dentalcorp means to our practice team members

    • Dentalcorp has made our practices run so much more smoothly. The access to technology has really helped us.
      Amandeep SoodRegional Manager

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  • Partner 6

    What partnering with Dentalcorp means to our partners

    • Partnering with a growing and progressive network like Dentalcorp has provided great value to our practice especially in more challenging times.
      Dr. Sam SgroPartner since 2017

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  • Team Members 2

    What Dentalcorp means to our practice team members

    • Working with Dentalcorp has helped me grow in my career and become the best dental professional I could be.
      Courtney BarnabeDental Assistant

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  • Partner 4

    What partnering with Dentalcorp means to our partners

    • I’m so glad that Dentalcorp sources candidates who understand my philosophy and embrace my vision of patient care.
      Dr. Craig YoungPartner since 2013

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  • Partner 5

    What partnering with Dentalcorp means to our partners

    • I can focus more on what I love about dentistry: my team, my patients, and advancing my skillset.
      Dr. Lauretta GrayPartner since 2019

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Over the last decade, our network has advanced the practice of dentistry across the country:

  • 550 + locations
  • 9850 + team members
  • 5.2 million+ annual patient visits

Join a team dedicated to giving back, furthering the profession and enhancing patient care.

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Questions about partnership?Hear more from our Partners

Each Partner and practice are unique, but they share a commitment to patient care and a track record of success within the Dentalcorp network. Read on to learn more about the advantages of partnering with Dentalcorp.

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Our commitment

Being a leader means having a greater sense of responsibility. We are committed to sharing our resources with all Canadians, whether they’re children, the vulnerable or the next generation of dental professionals.

We partner with reputable organizations across Canada to make this a reality.

Looking for a dentist?

find dentist near me - hellodent

Dentalcorp’s proprietary online directory, helps Dentalcorp practices stand out from the crowd with convenience and choice. Through the click of a button, hellodent seamlessly connects patients with trusted Dentalcorp practices in their neighbourhood.

Our award-winning approach to learning

DC Institute offers all Dentalcorp team members industry-leading continuing education and skill development.

  • Hands-on courses

  • Webinars

  • Live training

  • eLearning