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benefits to you

Partnership delivers significant benefits to you, your team and the patients in your care. Have more time to pursue your interests, professionally and personally, while we help you remain at the forefront of oral health care and embrace your passion for patient care.


This is your practice, it remains in your control – continue to run it your way. You have led your Practice to this point – you will continue to lead it into the future.

We believe your practice is best guided by the architect of its success, you.

You want to focus on what you do best – delivering optimal patient care. This is why we are committed to your clinical autonomy and professional independence. You will continue to make decisions based on what is best for you, your team and your patients.

access to our network

Experience more opportunities for both personal and professional development and network with peers at exceptional events hosted throughout the year

We provide greater access to like-minded professionals who share the same vision, experiences and challenges.

By facilitating the exchange of knowledge, we unite our Partners in a common goal – delivering excellence in patient care. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our Partners and their teams. Our commitment to collaboration fosters these relationships, shaping our future together.

balance in life

Focus more on what you love while staying invested in the legacy that you have created through determination and a desire to excel.

We continually challenge ourselves to do better and deliver more.

We have a progressive vision. It guides our approach to partnership and motivates us to deliver world-class support to you and your practice. Our extensive suite of resources facilitates your plans for growth, development and delivering the best in patient care.

benefits to your team

dentalcorp recognizes that people are integral to the success of a practice.

streamlined operations

Dedicated resources provide your team with a complete range of support.

professional & team development

Your team experiences enhanced opportunities to learn and grow within a culture that is committed to excellence.

an inspiring environment

Your team contributes to an inspired culture, committed to social responsibility and community outreach.

benefits to your patients

Everything we do is for the benefit of your patients and the community you serve.

more time to provide patient care

Greater focus on optimal patient care – rather than on the administrative aspects of running your practice.

better access to technologies

We provide greater access to the most advanced treatment technologies and services for patients.

enhanced training & skills

You and your team are equipped to continue to deliver optimal patient care today and into the future.

  • dentalcorp has allowed me to be excited about dentistry while continuing to achieve my goals with much less stress than before. I can focus on the things I love to do and accentuate my strengths. Our partnership has allowed me to continue to dream beyond what I thought was possible before.
    – Dr. Jerry Baluta

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