partnership delivers significant benefits to you, your team and the patients in your care.

More time to pursue your interests, professionally and personally.


This is your practice, it remains in your control – continue to run it your way.

access to resources

We provide support that allows you to focus on putting your patients first.

balance in life

Focus more on what you love.

streamlined operations

Dedicated resources provide your team with a complete range of support.

professional and associate development

Your team experiences enhanced opportunities to learn and grow within a culture that is committed to excellence.

an inspiring environment

Your team contributes to an inspired culture, committed to social responsibility and community outreach.

more time to provide patient care

Greater focus on optimal patient care – rather than on the administrative aspects of running your practice.

better access to technologies

We provide greater access to the most advanced treatment technologies and services for patients.

enhanced training and skills development

You and your team are equipped to continue to deliver optimal patient care today and into the future.

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world class support

Talent & Recruitment

Receive support in attracting and retaining the very best dental care professionals in the industry.

Human Resources

Minimize your Practice’s risk with comprehensive human resources support.

Training & Development

Enhance team skills and advance the patient care agenda through access to continuing education and proprietary learning programs.

Legal & Compliance

Access legal expertise to support regulatory compliance and risk management.

Practice Optimization

Leverage insights into Practice efficiencies that drive optimal patient care and continued Practice success.


Collaborate with a dedicated marketing team to create and implement programs to drive new patient flow.


Benefit from comprehensive, cost effective technology solutions and support.


Leverage network scale to drive cost savings in consumables, overheads and equipment.

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