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This is what you have been practicing for

Posted Nov 13th, 2012 in the wire, 2012, in the news

Leading dental practice owners looking to achieve even greater business and personal success, while continuing to deliver the best patient care possible, are finding Dental Corporation’s value proposition extremely compelling.

Dental Corporation was launched a year ago to acquire and partner with leading, growth-oriented general and specialist dental practices throughout Canada. Today we operate from over 25 locations in Ontario and Manitoba and are in active discussions with many new practices across the country about joining our group. Our Australian partner has grown their business to over 190 locations in just five years and we have similar ambitions for the Canadian market.

Running a dental practice has become increasingly complex with multiple demands on a Dentist’s time. After spending most of the day attending to patients, Dentist’s still have a business to manage. We see a tremendous opportunity to apply our business expertise in partnership with a Dentist’s clinical expertise to create a win-win for both.

Core to our operating philosophy is the fundamental understanding that Dentists are independent thinkers and need to retain their autonomy even if part of a larger group.

Our unique partnership model focuses on the growth of the practice and together with the Dentist, making a successful practice even better - all while delivering the best patient care possible.

Dentists retain their clinical and day-to-day operating independence while we become their trusted business partner. We embrace their vision for the practice, while bringing to the table all the benefits of our scale including our in-house team of experts in areas key to their continued success; and a business processing team who deliver support services that reduce their daily administrative burden. With all bases covered, the Dentist and his team are able to focus on what is most important, patient care, while continuing to build their practice.

We are focused on acquiring and partnering with larger, multi-dentist practices. These practices are run by highly regarded Dentists with strong clinical reputations. We place significant value on the practice’s people, brand name and reputation in the local community so nothing changes in that regard

Here are just a few of the many reasons Dentists are shaking hands with us:

  • We value the great business you have built. And you receive all of that value when we partner with you, including a small portion in shares of our company. Central to our philosophy is that we all succeed together and it is this ownership interest that aligns us. During our partnership, you are further remunerated on an incentive based structure for your work on patients and overseeing the profitable growth of your practice.
  • When you decide it’s time, Dental Corporation facilitates the succession process. Together we decide who you will eventually transition your business to. As your partner, Dental Corporation is directly invested in the continuing success of your practice, patients, and people.
  • Joining a larger group provides you with the opportunity to become part of a growing organization of liked-minded Dentists committed to the best patient care while sharing a common goal for growth.

Together we are building the dental practices of the future today.

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