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dentalcorp and Sinai Health System partner to form the Centre for Advanced Dental Research & Care

Posted Sep 20th, 2016 in the wire, 2016, in the news

Toronto, Ontario - September 19, 2016 - The Centre for Advanced Dental Research & Care, a clinical and research partnership with Sinai Health System, with the philanthropic and leadership support of dentalcorp, was announced today.

Dedicated to addressing some of the most misunderstood and complex dental, periodontal and orofacial conditions, the Centre will be chaired by Dr. Howard Tenenbaum, Dentist-in-Chief at Sinai Health System.

The Centre will bring together clinical care and research, providing the opportunity to facilitate the best new discoveries for patient care.

Sinai Health System will draw upon its longstanding partnership with the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry to support the Centre’s mission.

Dental researchers at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry will use advanced diagnostics and discovery science research to identify the underlying causes of periodontal, implant, and oral-maxillofacial conditions and design and disseminate treatment protocols for these conditions. The Centre will also explore the psycho-social implications of such conditions.

Each year, patients with complex oral conditions are referred to American centres for treatment of conditions where no current care is available in Canada. Strong demand exists for these services, and is only expected to grow with Ontario’s aging population. The Centre will support dentists at Mount Sinai Hospital, part of Sinai Health System, to expand their specialized focus and to increase access to care for these patients.

"We are passionate about improving oral health across the country and committed to advancing the field of dentistry,” says Graham Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer at dentalcorp. “This partnership provides us the opportunity to support a cause that champions the care and health of Canadians, especially those who continue to suffer from complex and hard to treat conditions.”

The Centre is the first of its kind in North America and is aligned with Sinai Health System’s mandate to care for and target discovery science of complex health conditions. Failed dental implants, for instance, are expected to increase over the next few decades in our aging population. This Centre’s goal is to develop world-leading diagnostics and care standards to put Canada at the vanguard of patient dental care.

The generous financial support from dentalcorp will allow the Centre to provide evidence-based clinical care to patients suffering from numerous complex conditions and will fund research and laboratory operations at University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry to support the Centre. The Centre will also support its academic mandate by offering training opportunities to speciality graduate students and dental residents. As planning for the Centre makes headway, dentalcorp will provide strategic leadership and operating expertise to ensure the long-term objectives of the Centre are met..

“The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry is excited to further its research mission with our partner, Sinai Health System. This investment will advance academic dentistry in Canada, allowing us to serve a complex patient population while conducting the research that will be groundbreaking internationally in establishing evidence-based protocols and care pathways where no such standards or research exist in the world.” Dr. Daniel Haas, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.

Dr. Gary Newton, incoming President and CEO of Sinai Health System, lauds the dentalcorp gift and the partnership: “This generous gift and the partnership dentalcorp have facilitated represents the core values of Sinai Health System. We operate in partnership, bringing the best resources possible together to target complex health conditions.”

About Sinai Health System

Sinai Health System is comprised of Mount Sinai Hospital, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and Circle of Care. As an integrated health system, it delivers exceptional care from healthy beginnings to healthy aging, especially for people with specialized and complex health needs, in hospital, community and home. Sinai Health System discovers and translates scientific breakthroughs, develops practical health solutions, educates future clinical and scientific leaders and leads efforts to eliminate health inequities. Its Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute ranks in the top ten biomedical research institutes in the world. Sinai Health System is a full affiliate of the University of Toronto.

About University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

Combining the rigours of biological and clinical research with a superior educational experience across a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs with and without advanced specialty training the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto has earned an international reputation as a premier dental research and training facility in Canada. From the cutting-edge science of biomaterials and microbiology, to next-generation nanoparticle and stem cell therapies, to ground-breaking population and access-to-care studies, the mission of the Faculty of Dentistry is to shape the future of dentistry and promote optimal health by striving for integrity and excellence in all aspects of research, education and clinical practice

About dentalcorp

dentalcorp is focused on acquiring and partnering with leading, growth-oriented general and specialist dental practices across Canada. The unique value proposition allows dentist Partners to retain their clinical autonomy and professional independence while dentalcorp, as their business partner, provides comprehensive strategic expertise and tactical resources to support their growth. This enables Partners to focus their energy on delivering optimal patient care.

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