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Wrapping up the Summer 2020 Intern Program

Posted Aug 31st, 2020 in the wire, in the news, 2020

Last week we bid farewell to our Summer 2020 interns, after sixteen weeks of personal and professional growth and remarkable contributions. The enthusiasm, teamwork, and ingenuity demonstrated by these individuals -  who joined us in the midst of the pandemic -  was inspiring.

This year’s program was modified to include a major focus on giving back to the community, and in particular, helping frontline workers. The interns then spent the balance of their time with dentalcorp  embarking on a group project to find innovative ways to foster corporate social responsibility.

We asked the interns to share their thoughts and experiences with dentalcorp. Here’s what they had to say:


"This internship was unique, providing me with the opportunity to help out at Sick Kids, showing appreciation for the front line workers who are putting in long hours to keep everyone safe, especially children. Within the Corporate Communications team, I had the opportunity to participate in initiatives from start to finish. It was exciting to be a part of creating new virtual or socially distanced ideas for dentalcorp events. I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience than my internship at dentalcorp, where a virtual experience was able to offer me opportunities to learn and collaborate. I’m thankful for the positive experience and meaningful connections I have made this summer.” -Cassie MacLellan

“dentalcorp is an extremely warm and welcoming environment. Even during such difficult times, my team always found a way to keep me connected and busy. My colleagues have really made this an incredible experience and have taught me a lot. Thank you for such a great summer!” -Jonah Mandel

 "My experience at dentalcorp has inspired me to further pursue marketing. I’ve made valuable connections and delivered meaningful work within the marketing department, such as helping with the launch of hellodent. I will definitely miss the people I’ve worked with and am grateful to have had such a positive experience." -Amelio Neo

“Despite all of the uncertainty at the beginning of the summer, I can honestly say that this internship experience has been one of the highlights of my young professional career. Between the volunteering opportunities, our case study, and of course, the work with Corporate Development, I have been able to learn and experience more than I ever thought I would (especially from the comfort of my own home!). Everybody I met at dentalcorp was incredibly professional, friendly and helpful so I just want to thank them all for their kindness throughout the summer, and to those that I did not have the chance to meet, I hope we can connect in the future!” -Sam Friedman

“I had a great summer working for dentalcorp! It was amazing to get the opportunity to give back to the community and provide COVID-19 relief through the six-week volunteering program. Prior to this internship, I had little knowledge of Operations and Real Estate. I was able to learn a lot from my team and expand my understanding of the different functional areas in business. Even though I spent my term working remotely, I really felt included in the dentalcorp community and I am happy I got to spend my term working here!” -Ivana Bjelakovic

“During COVID-19, the interns at dentalcorp provided front line workers at SickKids with meals 3 times a week. This was a great experience because of the impact that it made, and the appreciation we got from everyone that worked at the hospital.” -Ben Rosenthal

"It’s truly been a unique summer and dentalcorp has been incredibly accommodating to make the most of these crazy circumstances – and has delivered a great internship experience. From being able to volunteer at SickKids to having a smooth virtual work environment with a great team, I’ve had a great summer."-JP Martin

We want to thank our incredible interns for their contributions and for choosing to spend their summer making a difference in the community and to dentalcorp.

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