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The Season for Giving: 26 Acts of Kindness

Posted Dec 22nd, 2021 in 2021, the wire

The season of giving is upon us. Now almost two years into the pandemic, never have our communities been in more need of support and human connection.

Last year we introduced 26 Acts of Kindness, named after our beloved (pre-pandemic) 26th floor Support Centre home base in Toronto. The program is a Giving Back initiative, team building exercise, and a great way to deepen team member engagement. We were thrilled to see how our people embraced it last holiday season and we are very excited to run it again. 

How it Works

Each functional team in our Support Centre received a card with 26 squares on it, each square representing an opportunity to perform an Act of Kindness.  Some of the squares contain items to be checked off, for example “Tell a frontline worker they are doing a great job” and “Donate hats and mittens to a local charity” and “Send an appreciation email to someone and copy their leader,” while others are blank for people to dream up and perform their own original acts. For each filled card between December 1st and December 24th, dentalcorp will make a donation to the Holiday Helpers Adopt a Family program. As an incentive and to encourage a little friendly competition, there is also a prize for the first team that submits their completed card.

Why the Holiday Helpers?

We selected Holiday Helpers as they have been bringing joy to GTA area families in need for over 20 years. They provide customized holiday packages to brighten their season and provide necessary poverty relief to hundreds of families. In addition to providing festive decorations and groceries including a full holiday meal, families also receive gifts selected from their wish list, wrapped and delivered to their homes by volunteers.

26 Acts of Kindness Benefits Everyone

Supporting organizations like Holiday Helpers with their goal of sponsoring 850 low-income families is a great incentive, however the heartwarming reward of knowing our team members are united in finding ways to perform acts of kindness is priceless. We look forward to bringing this feel-good inspiration with us into the year ahead.

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