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dentalcorp and Bluelight Analytics Team Up to Provide MarketLeading Curing Light Technology Across Canada’s Largest DSO

Posted May 24th, 2023 in 2023, in the news, the wire

TORONTO, May 24, 2023 – dentalcorp (TSX: DNTL) Canada’s largest and one of North America’s fastest-growing networks of dental practices, today announced a partnership with Bluelight Analytics. The technology innovator provides best-in-class curing light testing tools, including access to unique insights and expertise, enabling the dentalcorp network to refine its restoration and light curing protocols, and further improve patient outcomes.

This collaboration provides the dentalcorp network access to Bluelight’s full suite of tools, software, training, and data analysis.

In addition to post op sensitivity, ineffective light curing is one of the major causes of restorative failures due to debonding, fractures and discolorations.

Bluelight’s CheckUpTM smart radiometer is among the most accurate curing light testers on the market. It works together with the Bluelight Analytics app to give dentists tailored insights and precise curing times for any combination of lights and dental materials.

“Bluelight’s intuitive technology brings a level of certainty to our dental practices in meeting their light curing needs. With Bluelight, we’ve been able to offer predictable and industry leading restorative and orthodontic care to our patients,” said Dr. Gary Glassman, Chief Dental Officer, dentalcorp. “By ensuring our clinical teams have access to the right tools, software and training, Bluelight brings our network’s services to the next level.”

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with dentalcorp,” said Brad Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, Bluelight Analytics. “Not only is dentalcorp a leader in dental practice networks, but they share our vision for perfection in restorative dentistry through proper light curing.”

It’s important to dentalcorp to ensure its network’s vast range of light-curing tools and materials are the best in class.

As part of its strategic collaboration with Bluelight, dentalcorp is also enhancing its educational offerings through DC Institute, which will include hands-on light-curing training for dental clinicians using Bluelight’s patient simulator.

About dentalcorp

dentalcorp is Canada's largest and one of North America's fastest growing networks of dental practices, committed to advancing the overall well-being of Canadians by delivering the best clinical outcomes and unforgettable experiences. dentalcorp acquires leading dental practices, uniting its network in a common goal: to be Canada's most trusted healthcare network. Leveraging its industry-leading technology, know-how and scale, dentalcorp offers professionals the unique opportunity to retain their clinical autonomy while unlocking their potential for future growth. To learn more, visit

About Bluelight Analytics

Bluelight provides the most accurate curing light testing equipment on the market, including the CheckUpTM radiometer, a customized app and tailored training program. Bluelight’s companion analytics platform then turns the simple light tests into a suite of clinical insights. Bluelight was founded out of Dalhousie University in 2009. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of light measurement technology, using its expertise to improve clinical and business outcomes for dentists, dental service organizations (DSOs), and manufacturers around the globe. To learn more, visit

About restorative dentistry and light curing:

Restorative dentistry makes up the bulk of a dentist’s workload and revenue, but many dentists perform procedures without having a full picture of how their curing equipment and composite materials interact. Bluelight’s products fill that knowledge gap, helping dentists cure confidently, DSOs increase consistency, and manufacturers find success with their customers.

At most dental practices, more than 50% of procedures involve light curing—everything from tooth-coloured fillings to protective sealants. So, it’s critical that dentists know their curing lights are working, and how to adjust curing times according to light performance and material. If they don’t, patients can encounter issues like early failure of fillings.

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