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Partner Advisory Council Spotlight: Dr. Louis-Pier Deslauriers

Posted Nov 7th, 2023 in 2023, spotlights

We're shining the spotlight on Dr. Louis-Pier Deslauriers, General Dentist at Clinique Dentaire St-Gabriel in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec. Dr. Deslauriers sheds light on his role as a representative for his fellow Partners, the significance of training for exceptional patient care, and shares his passion for sailing.

Please share a brief summary of your professional experience in the industry. 

I graduated in 2008 from the University of Montreal and joined my father's practice shortly after. I took over the office about eight years ago and partnered with dentalcorp. My wife is also a Partner, and we opened a second practice in St-Gabriel.

What excites you about being on the dentalcorp Partner Advisory Council (PAC)?

The ability to be in direct contact with the executive team to know what's happening within the organization and the industry. Additionally, the opportunity to speak freely and give my opinion is valuable, and I can be the voice for other Partners in Quebec.

How does the PAC impact patient care in Canada?

There have been great conversations about practitioners' ethics, about the implant and ortho programs as well as the training available for associates and Partners. The PAC is an excellent initiative, and I’m optimistic its impact will continue to grow in the years to come.

What motivated you to get involved with the Council?

I joined the PAC to speak on behalf of my peers. I liked the opportunity to get more involved in the network and all its moving parts. I want to impact the industry while leveraging dentalcorp's philosophy.

Do you see any big disruptors on the horizon in dentistry?

Artificial Intelligence will be a considerable disruptor. We should be proactively thinking of ways that we could leverage the technology for good. I'm not overly concerned about it yet. I think we're still a few years out. Right now, the dental workforce shortage is the most significant question mark on the horizon when I think about the next decade.

How has organized dentistry positively impacted our industry in Canada?

I like what I see. There's a genuine desire and plan to implement excellent patient care, and dentalcorp is working hard to train its providers effectively. We ensure high-quality patient care by teaching our staff, assistants, and hygienists. The organization also puts a lot of resources into compliance, whereas a solo practice can sometimes be a bit less strict.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love sailing, and my wife and I usually go out on the water and sail when we have free time.