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Partner Spotlight: Dr. Makwana

Posted Sep 18th, 2023 in spotlights, the wire

We are shining the spotlight on Dr. Makwana, General Dentist at Reflections Dental Health Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We discuss her passion for patient care, the importance of planning short- and long-term goals, and how she built a trusting relationship with a young patient.

Tell us about your journey in the dental profession and with your practice.

I joined the dental school in India, graduated in 2002, and practiced until 2006. Later, I moved to Oman and practiced as a dentist for seven years. I immigrated to Canada in 2014 and received my DMD from the University of Manitoba, and I have been enjoying practicing ever since.

How has your partnership with dentalcorp impacted the way you/your practice deliver patient care?

I joined Reflections in 2018 as a part-time Associate and became full-time in 2020. There is a lot of support from dentalcorp that one can utilize to grow professionally. My transition from Associate to Principal has been a great experience because of this great support.

What does excellence in patient care mean to you?

My experiences in three countries have given me an understanding of the standard of care worldwide, which is different from what we strive for in Canada. Excellence in patient care is always putting the patient first. My focus is on their immediate needs and long-term goals. People forget that teeth are critical. Although we have 32, they are all unique and irreplaceable.

What are you most proud of to date about your career?

I've overcome various challenges in my journey to practice dentistry. In Oman, I had to stand up for quality patient care in legal battles. Despite these challenges, I didn’t give up and eventually found a practice that aligned with my values. Today, I'm proud to practice dentistry passionately and positively impact patient care.

What advice do you have for emerging dentists?

Plan both short- and long-term goals and choose the type of practice you want to build. To thrive, one must blend patient care with financial success and avoid an unfulfilling race.

Do you have a favourite patient or practice story?

While practicing in Oman, I had a five-year-old patient with an abscessed tooth who was very apprehensive and did not want me touching him. To build a trusting relationship with him, I walked him through his treatment plan and why we were doing it. I also told him I would stop whenever he raised his hand. He raised his hand every two minutes for the first 10 minutes, ensuring I would keep my promise. Once he was confident I would stop, he let me work in his mouth. When he arrived for his follow-up appointment, his mother told me he had been awake since 7 am because he was excited to see his new friend. It truly melted my heart. I’m glad I built his trust, which will allow others to help him in the future.