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4 Tips to Ace the Interview

Posted Jul 4th, 2019 in the wire, 2019, thought leadership

by Christy Theobald, Director of Talent at dentalcorp

Job interviews can be a significant source of stress and anxiety for many of us. And for good reason.

In today’s competitive landscape, we’re often up against equally—if not more—qualified candidates and so, it becomes all the more important to put your best foot forward when representing you and your skill set.

Below are some useful tips to help you ace the interview and bring you that much closer to your dream role.

1. Be mindful of your online presence

In today’s digital era, it is increasingly common for practice managers and patients to conduct online searches and background checks for candidates. Online review platforms like RateMDs have become a popular tool for patients and practice managers alike to assess practitioners’ reputations and perceived service levels among the public. If you have not already done so, claim your profiles on online review platforms and actively monitor feedback while taking part in the conversation. You may also consider creating a LinkedIn profile to discover available career opportunities and interact with practice managers to promote yourself. Ensure all your online profiles are consistent and up-to-date with your contact information. Building your online presence will increase your chances of getting noticed.

2. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Take the time to research the practice you are interviewing at. Familiarize yourself with the location, surrounding community, team structure and procedures offered in order to ask the right questions and anticipate any questions you may be asked. Come prepared to the interview – arrive with an up-to-date portfolio and resume, letters of recommendation and references, and copies of any relevant credentials, licenses and certifications. Be ready to speak to your clinical experience, your history of procedures and treatment plans. The more prepared you are, the less anxious you will feel and the more confident and competent you will come across.

3. Be professional, engaging and honest

Dress professionally and arrive at your interview on time. Engage with your interviewer – be pleasant and make eye contact. In addition to your work experience, hiring managers will be assessing your interpersonal skills for cultural fit and to gauge your chairside manner. Be clear and confident in your treatment planning and clinical philosophy and be honest about your level of experience – whether you are an experienced Associate who can produce more or a newer graduate who needs mentorship until you’re fully up to speed. Being upfront about your experience early in the process will help you find a practice you will thrive in. 

4. Follow-up with the practice

Be sure to reach out to the practice following your interview to thank them for their time and ask if you can provide any additional information. A simple thank you email (or a hand-written card) goes a long way and has become an expected practice.

As previously published in Oral Health Office. This can also be found online here.

About the Author

As dentalcorp’s Director of Talent, Christy is responsible for leading the Practice Talent team and overseeing the Talent Acquisition Strategy, Employer Brand and Campus Programs across Canada. She has 6 years of Human Resources and recruitment experience with continuous demonstrated success in driving results through talent. Christy has a background in Nursing and Health Sciences.

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