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Support Centre Team Member Spotlight: Ali Jinnah

Posted Jan 31st, 2020 in the wire, spotlights, 2020

My Journey from Cricket to Controller

…a conversation with Ali Jinnah, Controller with dentalcorp

Tell me about your background – how long have you been with dentalcorp and what were you doing before you joined?

I’ve been at dentalcorp for four and a half years. I started out as a Corporate Accountant and have moved up almost every year to the position I hold now as Controller. Prior to that, I worked in a manufacturing company in Accounting.

What was dentalcorp like when you joined 4.5 years ago?

The Support Centre has changed a lot! We were about 50 people at the time, and we all worked on one floor. We’ve grown steadily ever since. We went from one floor – then two floors – then we outgrew that location altogether and moved to our Bay Street offices last year.

What do you think of the new office?

I love this location. It’s a lot nicer, plus my commute is so much better. I used to drive to the mid-town office from Brampton. Now I just take the GO and it’s a lot more convenient.   

Can you tell us a bit about your role on the Finance team? What does a typical day look like?

Partnering with new practices every month means we work in an exciting, fast-paced environment and no two days are ever the same. As a Controller, I am responsible for making sure that all financial reports are prepared accurately and in a timely manner. I work with my team to make sure all practice and Support Centre queries are answered.

What is something about yourself that your teammates would have trouble believing?

I moved to Canada in 2006 from Pakistan and had to adjust to a very different environment. During high school, I worked at Harry Rosen which was my first ever job, where I developed my keen sense of style.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My daughter! She’s up early. But she also motivates me to work hard to build a better future for our family. dentalcorp has helped me to achieve this goal by allowing me to contribute in a meaningful way and learn something new every day.

If you could be granted just one wish, what would it be?

I would love to travel the world. It would be amazing to see different places and cultures.

Tell me about an experience you’ve had, either personally or professionally, that’s really left an impact.

Buying my first house with my wife was really impactful. It was the first step we took when starting our life together. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and at the same time made me want to strive harder to achieve the rest of my goals.

What are your aspirations for personal and professional growth? Do you have a 5-year plan?

I’m taking it one day at a time for now, and just working as hard as I can on the projects I am responsible for. My journey with dentalcorp so far has been a great one, they have recognized my efforts time and time again. I do hope that five years from now, I am still able to play an integral role in the company and continue being part of important projects that help drive efficiency.

What advice do you have for new team members joining dentalcorp’s Support Centre?

You are joining an amazing place to work. The company is growing at a very fast pace. There is a lot of opportunity for individuals to evolve and move up in their careers. The Support Centre team is very friendly and helpful.

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