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Practice Team Members Spotlight: Dental Hygienists

Posted Apr 7th, 2020 in 2020, spotlights, the wire

In the Spotlight: Dental Hygienists Shahrzad, Aaron, Amy, and Christi

In recognition of National Dental Hygienists Week, we are shining the spotlight on some of our amazing team members. With COVID-19, no one is untouched and that includes many dental practices who have had to suspend regular operations. But we don't want the current situation to detract from the incredible job our team members do, day in and day out, pandemic or no pandemic. Nothing is going to stop us recognizing the achievements of these Dental Hygienists who are setting the bar.
Dentistry on Green Lane

Shahrzad S., Dental Hygienist with Support Centre and Dentistry on Green Lane

Shahrzad joined the dentalcorp Support Centre team as part of a Pilot Project to provide a Floating Registered Dental Hygienist in the Greater Toronto Area in August 2019. Previously, Shahrzad worked with the Dentistry on Green Lane team with Partner Larry Podolsky and Practice Manager, Mehin. From the start, Shahrzad had a skip in her step and immediately rose to the challenge of implement a new role that would support Practice Teams who are looking for temporary help. Shahrzad connected with the Hygiene Team in Central Operations to ensure that she is delivering consistent service excellence to our Patients and Practices. Not only did Shahrzad take on the role of providing Hygiene services to our practices, but she also took on the administration and communication to ensure all treatment was scheduled appropriately. Shahrzad has developed great relationships with practices who continue to request her services week in and week out! Additionally, Shahrzad has been instrumental in assisting our Compliance Team in identifying areas of opportunity with IPAC in the field. Shahrzad is recognized for consistently going above and beyond, and being a "Rock Star" Dental Hygienist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Progressive Dental

Aaron F., Dental Hygienist with Progressive Dental

Aaron has a dedicated following - his patients will not see another hygienist because they trust him and know he is genuinely concerned about them and invested in their oral health. Aaron shows up for work each day fully prepared for his patients. He knows ahead of time what is needed during the appointment time whether its x-rays, medical history follow up, unscheduled treatment or previous concerns. He is laser-focused and uses his time to continually build his relationship with his patients.  He always does a hand-off to the receptionist, completing all chart notations and insurance entries and thanking the patient. Aaron's team says, "He has been with us for 17 years and is truly one of our most outstanding employees. His contributions go beyond being a Hygienist. Aaron is an integral part of our OHS Committee as well as oversees that our IPAC Standards are always compliant. Aaron implements new technology and processes immediately and with ease. Aaron is one of the most valued employees and one of the easiest people to work with. His Integrity, Work Ethic, and desire for Excellence are unsurpassed. He helps all his co-workers and is a pleasure to work with every single day.  I do not have a single employee that does not love and get along with Aaron. He is truly everyone’s favourite including Dr. Phan!"

Amy D., Dental Hygienist with Clayburn DentalClayburn Dental

Amy started with Clayburn Dental in 2002. From the start, Amy showed herself to be caring, intelligent, enthusiastic and driven. No task or request was too much! In March 2007 Amy joined Clayburn Dental as an RDH.  The oral health of her patients is of paramount importance to Amy!  She tailors her oral health education to be relevant to each individual patient. Amy gets to know her patients; she understands their needs, knows about their families, future plans, their schedules and constraints and works with all these parameters to make sure their oral hygiene is everything they need and want. Her team says, "Amy is our most dedicated-to-education hygienist. She attends all sessions sponsored by Clayburn without question as well as signing up for many outside education courses." Amy is Clayburn's go-to Hygiene Mentor.  All new Hygienists and PM's going through training spend many hours shadowing and Hygiene assisting with Amy.  "Her attention to detail and patient education is textbook perfect," says her team. "Amy is also a collaborative team player.  She is always on the look-out for improvements to our current Hygiene systems and protocols.  Amy is our first go-to when a deeper "clinical" picture is needed......she is a huge part of our Core Team!"

Amberwood DentalChristi R., Amberwood Dental Centre

Christi has been a hygienist with Amberwood for over 18 years. Her smile and bubbly attitude are infectious! Patients adore her and many won’t see any other hygienist but her! Christi is the type of employee you want working for you. Hard-working, eager to assist with any task asked of her and extremely conscientious when it comes to her job. Recently Christi was asked to take on the role of Health and Safety supervisor and Compliance manager.  She is also the lead hygienist for iTero and did an amazing job getting everything set up at the office for that. When Zoom whitening was introduced to the office, she took the reins and got it up and running. Christi also helps us with recall lists and booking appointments for patients. Christi was the first hygienist to put her name on the board to help with “Give Back, Smile back”, no questions asked. Her team says, "We honestly couldn’t imagine life at Amberwood without her!"