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Investing in Safety: Brandon Dental Centre’s Steri-Centre Upgrade

Posted Oct 21st, 2020 in the wire, spotlights, 2020

We’re shining a light on the team at Brandon Dental Centre for their continued commitment to health and safety. Shortly after joining our network this spring, the Manitoba Practice invested in a substantial infection prevention and control (IPAC) upgrade to its steri-centre.

Prior to renovations, the Practice had two separate sterilization areas: one on the main level and another in the basement. Accessing the basement steri-centre required team members to traverse stairs between patients. Not only did this split-level reprocessing layout interfere with one-way flow, the stairs introduced a workplace safety hazard.

dentalcorp viewed the steri-centre upgrade as a necessary investment in safety and compliance. The planning began shortly after Partnership Day and involved extensive collaboration between the teams at Brandon Dental and the dentalcorp Support Centre. Working together and forging a strong relationship in the process, the project team completed the work in just five working days. This meant that the Practice’s patient care was minimally disrupted.

The upgrades included:

  • A removed door to create unobstructed access in and out of the steri-centre
  • New water-resistant millwork with increased capacity for equipment and sterile storage (Practice now has a hydrim and an extra sterilizer)
  • Automatic garbage door opener to reduce touching handles
  • Automatic (tap master) faucet to reduce touching
  • Slide out shelves for sterilizer to facilitate servicing
  • Cabinets designed to meet IPAC guidelines (which also received the stamp of approval from internal dentalcorp IPAC experts)

Cabinets by MKR Dental and construction by Milinar Construction

The two sterilization areas merged into one, eliminating the need for team members to go up and down the stairs and significantly improving the flow of the clinic as a result.

“We are so appreciative that our Partnership with dentalcorp has enabled us to undertake such an important upgrade to our Practice,” said Ashlee Bird, Practice Manager at Brandon Dental Centre. “All of the teams involved made the process convenient and painless, while at the same time, were very respectful of our patients and clinicians. It improved the flow in the main sterilization area and provided us with functional storage areas that are a great fit for the Practice. To top it all off, it looks fantastic and patients notice as they walk by how professional the new space looks.”

Jaime Robertson, Manager of Regulatory Compliance, agreed, “Over the past few years, dentalcorp has invested a lot of time and resources in improving safety and compliance at our clinics. That is my team’s number one goal and that was the work they hired me to do. Working with Ashlee and the rest of the team at Brandon Dental was a true pleasure and I am thrilled at the way the project has turned out! Now that the team does not have to climb stairs to sterilize instruments, I am confident that the improved process will provide safer care for both staff and patients, and even help make the office more productive. dentalcorp’s Compliance team truly believes that a safe and healthy practice is a productive and efficient one too.”

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