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In the Spotlight: Regional Manager Carey Thurlow

Posted Nov 20th, 2020 in 2020, spotlights, the wire

…a conversation with Carey Thurlow, Regional Manager

Today we shine the spotlight on someone whose energy and accomplishments give new meaning to the terms ‘ambitious’ and ‘hard-working’. Her passion for the patient experience is equally matched by her commitment to offering innovative education options for dental assisting students. 

Carey Thurlow, Regional Manager, Orthostyle

Carey leads a team of treatment coordinators, orthodontists, dental assistants, and administrators at two Orthostyle practices in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. David and Dr. Harfield provide comprehensive family orthodontics for adults, teenagers, and children at the East Calgary and downtown locations.

Carey has been with Orthostyle for just over two years and has a rich and varied role with responsibilities that go beyond that of a traditional Practice Manager. As Regional Manager, she splits her time equally between the two clinics, overseeing the day-to-day operations including staff schedules, purchasing, HR and payroll coordination, credit card reconciliations, and more. Carey is also a Dental Assistant, filling in as needed when team members are off.

“I really enjoy coming to work, seeing my team and the patients and all their beautiful smiles,” said Carey. “I love being part of dentalcorp and I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way,” she added. “Learning the corporate side of the business adds a whole layer of knowledge I had yet to discover!”

As busy as she is, she makes sure to prioritize family time and getting outdoors.

“I love to spend time with my family! I love my new little puppy and being outdoors makes my heart full! We mountain bike, kayak, hike, camp, and spend A LOT of time in the mountains!”

Orthostyle was forced to shut its doors for two months this year because of COVID-19 and reopened mid-May. The practices saw quite a few changes in response to the new realities brought by the pandemic, including the need for new processes and protocols to ensure patient and team safety.

“Implementing the enhanced protocols has definitely added to the workload, but as we head into flu season, it becomes apparent that with the benefits of these new protocols, it really needs to become the new normal,” said Carey. 

With her roles as Regional Manager, occasional Dental Assistant, and family and puppy enthusiast, Carey is someone who could never be accused of standing still. In fact, two years ago, she and her longtime colleague started the Risio Institute for Digital Dental Education. Designed as an online program for dental assisting students, it is a valuable option to individuals in small towns who cannot easily pursue their education in a larger city. The online program is dynamic and interactive, with clinical modules that are completed face to face in Alberta.

“The program has been running for just under a year, and has proven to be very successful, especially given the pandemic,” said Carey.  “We had already designed our program prior, so when COVID-19 hit and colleges were struggling to shift their studies to online, we were already there,” she added.

Carey encourages all dental professionals embarking upon their careers at this time: “Stay strong, persevere, and remember why you started this! Together, anything is possible!”

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