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Top Tips for Email Security

Posted Feb 8th, 2021 in the wire, thought leadership, 2021

As the digital world continues to evolve, so, too, does online fraud. In recent years, phishing email scams have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated. The following tips will help you combat security threats and keep your practice’s data safe.

  1. Don’t trust the display name. This is especially true if the email address and display name are different. Look at the email address and check the spelling of the email address.
  2. Double-check the domain name. The domain name is the name after the @ symbol. Check for inconsistencies and unrecognized sources.
  3. Look but don’t click. Hover over hyperlinks with your cursor to see the destination URL.
  4. Don’t give up personal information. This includes passwords, credit card information, and contact information.
  5. Don’t open attachments from an email address you don’t recognize. Attachments may contain droppers, which is a malicious attachment with malware or virus.
  6. Don’t reply to threats. Scammers can use your email signature or email address to spoof others.
  7. Don’t believe everything you see. Spoofers are extremely good at copying brand logos, language, email addresses to make it look real.
  8. Double-check suspicious requests with your manager or IT team before putting the business in jeopardy.

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