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Partner Spotlight: Dr. Louis-Pier Deslauriers

Posted Oct 14th, 2021 in 2021, spotlights, the wire

Partner Spotlight: Dr. Louis-Pier Deslauriers

This month’s Partner Spotlight features Dr. Louis-Pier Deslauriers, principal dentist at Centre Dentaire Deslauriers in Repentigny, Quebec. We discussed what inspired him to enter the field of dentistry, his practice’s experience with dentalcorp’s Ortho Acceleration program (OAP) and the use of clear aligner therapy, and why he believes digital scanning technology is a must-have in any practice.

Tell us a little bit about your journey into dentistry and how Centre Dentaire Deslauriers came to be.

For the most part, I’d have to say my dad being a dentist inspired me to pursue the field. He was the original owner of Centre Dentaire Deslauriers – he established the practice upon graduating from the University of Montreal in 1979. He very recently retired!

Your practice is enrolled in dentalcorp’s Ortho Acceleration Program (OAP), which aims to deliver healthier smiles through the integration of digital scanning technology (iTero), patient education, and clear aligner therapy. Why did you decide to join the program? 

I decided to enroll in the OAP after the first lockdown. At the time, we had very few Invisalign patients and plenty of traditional braces and wires cases. In contrast to our traditional ortho cases, all of our clear aligner cases were able to continue as if nothing happened, and so it was a logical choice to make the switch with all the uncertainties we were facing with COVID-19.  It became clear how much more seamless clear aligner therapy was compared to traditional orthodontics — for both the patient and our treating team. We received our iTero scanner in July 2020, and I have also enrolled in Molis Coaching. 

Tell us about your practice’s experience with the OAP and the use of digital scanning technology.

To me, the iTero scanner is a must-have in any practice. It is so much more efficient compared to the analog impressions we used to have. I don’t believe it’s possible to have a serious clear aligner therapy practice without using one. After more than a year of using the scanner on a daily basis, every single patient we scan comments on how incredible the technology is and how impressed they are with the tools we have to provide the best treatment options. With approximately 130 active cases as of today, I cannot see myself ever practicing orthodontics the way I used to less than two years ago.

How has this program impacted the patient experience at your practice? 

The WOW effect is very strong. For the patient, it means faster appointments, faster turnover between refinements, and is simply more comfortable. Patients feel privileged, especially when their siblings went through clear aligner therapy with multiple Polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) impressions before them!

Why should general dentists consider expanding their service offering to patients?

I feel that clear aligner therapy should be part of any general practice. As a practitioner, I find the treatment much more enjoyable than traditional brackets and wires. It is usually much faster, and the outcome is great. It has also been a tremendous way to grow our patient base as most patients from outside the practice decided to stay with our practice even after their orthodontic treatment was finished. 

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