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Partner Spotlight: Dr. Christian Bernard

Posted Jan 11th, 2022 in 2022, spotlights, the wire

This month’s Partner Spotlight features Dr. Christian Bernard, principal dentist at Clinique Dentaire Samuel Holland in Quebec City, QC. We discussed what he finds most rewarding about practicing dentistry, the role of technology at his practice, and his advice for emerging dentists.

Tell us about your journey into dentistry and how you came into practice at Clinique Dentaire Samuel Holland?

I have been practicing at Clinique Dentaire Samuel Holland since I graduated from dental school in 1999. I always wanted to work in the healthcare field, but I was also interested in business management. Dentistry turned out to be the perfect combination of my two interests.

What do you find most rewarding about practicing dentistry?

Dentistry is a very stimulating and diversified field. We have a broad range of patients from all ages and backgrounds at our practice. We see 3-year olds and 90-year olds and every age in between all in one day!

How has partnership with dentalcorp impacted the way you practice?

Partnering with dentalcorp has allowed our practice team to continue working towards achieving excellence in patient care. At the onset of the pandemic, dentalcorp’s tremendous support and guidance allowed us to obtain the best personal protective equipment, to implement enhanced infection prevention and control (IPAC) standards and procedures, so that we could continue to offer high-quality patient care.

What makes your practice unique?

Our entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional patient experiences and we use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest dental technology, like digital scanners and same-day restorations, to provide the very best possible treatment for our patients.

What advice do you have for new dentists?

Always stay informed on the latest trends and technologies in dentistry, and make continuous education a priority. We have an extraordinary network, and by maintaining the highest level of knowledge and skills, we can constantly deliver the best clinical outcomes to our patients.

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