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…a conversation with Angèle Henry, Practice Manager

Posted Jan 21st, 2022 in 2022, spotlights, the wire

We’re shining the spotlight on Angèle Henry, Practice Manager at Clinique Dentaire Albert & Cayouette in Carleton, Quebec. Angèle tells us about her rewarding career choice, navigating challenges throughout the pandemic, and the importance of intergenerational management.

How long have you been working at Clinique Dentaire Albert & Cayouette?

I have been working as a Practice Manager at Clinique Dentaire Albert & Cayouette since June 2020.

What do you love most about your job?

Without a doubt, what I love most about my role is the human connection and the team spirit. Managing a practice and a team provides me with an opportunity to support and add value for my supervisors and team members. There are new challenges that I enjoy taking on every day and that helps fulfill my sense of duty.

How has COVID-19 impacted you and your practice?

I was originally scheduled to start my job in March of 2020, but due to COVID-19, the practice had to close until June 1. Since I was already working at a hospital managing the nurses’ schedules, I kept my previous position and started at Clinique Dentaire Albert & Cayouette on June 27, 2020. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all employees. Still, with everything taken into account, each employee came out a winner thanks to the solidarity that binds our dentalcorp team members.

What are the ways you have been coping, personally and as a practice manager, during the pandemic?

I was accustomed to working long hours at the hospital. When I started working at the practice in the summer of 2020, I made sure to take the necessary time to care for myself, especially my mental and physical well-being.

The biggest challenge during the pandemic has been effectively managing the schedules. As we were in a red zone, it was necessary to review the schedules daily, to allow for disinfection protocols, ensure we are providing opportunities for patients to socially distance, and ensure that all staff members complied with COVID-19 guidelines. These challenges allowed me to understand more about the employees and their capacity to adapt to this new reality.

During this time I personally took a step back from the lifestyle I was previously leading to take care of all that is important to me, including my family, friends, and the people who find themselves alone during this pandemic. It is necessary to help each other!

What does a great patient experience mean to you?

A positive patient experience is when patients leave the practice with a smile on their face and refer to us as their friends. In our corporate culture, it's imperative to put the patient first while keeping in mind the well-being of our team members. When patients visit the practice, it’s important for them to feel valued and reassured that they will receive the appropriate treatments for the price they will pay. Our role as healthcare professionals is to answer their questions, respond to their needs, and reassure them that we have their best interests in mind.
What advice do you have for dental professionals starting their careers?

My role as a Practice Manager is a great profession. As a practice manager or a partner (dentist), it's important to listen to your patients, as well as your team members.

Anything else you’d like to add?

With the labour force shortage, it’s necessary to know how to manage a multigenerational staff as a Practice Manager. Intergenerational management is vital: listen to your team and be flexible with schedules to allow a healthy work-family balance to our generation Z employees. And as this generation puts it so aptly, “Have different activities and, above all, have fun.” A great leader should know how to lead with courage and manage with heart!

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