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Support Centre Team Member Spotlight: Grace Schillaci

Posted Sep 21st, 2022 in 2022, spotlights, the wire

We are shining the spotlight on Grace Schillaci, Senior Manager, Field Operations at dentalcorp's Support Centre. Grace tells us about her passion for training others, implementing programs that drive camaraderie, and the importance of immersing yourself in the workplace.

Tell us about your background – how long have you been with dentalcorp and what were you doing before you joined? 

I've been with dentalcorp for almost four years. I was previously a General Manager and a Training Manager in the retail industry. I am passionate about training and building relationships with people. When you're in retail as a store manager, you usually work with people of all ages. You have an opportunity to be part of their overall support system, encouraging and guiding them to give one hundred percent in everything they do. It's a privilege to see your team members develop in their careers.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?   

I originally wanted to be an actor, however, this changed when I was in university. I also had an interest in gender studies and diversifying my world knowledge. I love teaching and working with people, so maybe I should have been a teacher instead. 

Can you tell us a bit about your role on your team? What does a typical day look like? 

My role on the Field Operations team focuses on support. One of the things that drew me to this role was the idea of connecting dentalcorp’s Support Centre with the Practices, so they understand they are part of a great network. Continuous support, camaraderie, and innovation make up this fantastic network that is growing rapidly. We strive to bring that energy back into the Practices to support the teams. We help our Practices excel and grow by implementing programs that drive togetherness to propel them forward in every aspect.  
Tell us something about you that your co-workers would never guess. 

I used to sing in school choirs and plays, but not anymore.
What are your aspirations for personal and professional growth? Do you have a 5-year plan? 

I believe in constant learning. I don’t like being stagnant and need to constantly move forward, which is fun and tricky. I want to grow within my role in the organization. I am excited about being exposed to new opportunities as the network continues to grow.  

What advice do you have for new team members joining dentalcorp's Support Centre?  

Immerse yourself in the organization and get to know everyone. People are really nice and, most importantly, want you to succeed. I think that's rare in most corporate environments.

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