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Practice Manager Spotlight: Amy Lavergne

Posted Feb 16th, 2023 in 2023, spotlights, the wire

We’re shining the spotlight on Amy Lavergne, Practice Manager at LightHouse Dental in Chatham, Ontario. Amy tells us about the importance of recognizing individual strengths in the workplace, ensuring a five-star patient experience, and how this profession consistently provides growth opportunities.

How long have you been a Practice Manager with LightHouse Dental? 
I’ve been a Practice Manager with LightHouse Dental since March 2020, but I started in an administrative role when the office was still under construction. I answered our very first phone call wearing a hard hat!  
What excites you most about your current role? 
The ability to contribute and utilize all the knowledge I’ve obtained throughout my 23 years in the profession. I also have the pleasure of working with a fantastic team, and I enjoy watching our collective growth. 
What skills are essential to being a good Practice Manager within the dentalcorp network? 
It’s essential to listen intently to your team and recognize and lean on their individual strengths.  
What does your practice do to ensure an exceptional patient experience? 
Ensuring our patients have a five-star experience is a significant component of our daily practice. We want our patients to feel like they are part of the family, starting with a warm greeting and extending through to exceptional care. Also, we frequently use their names and take extra time to get to know them personally. 
What advice do you have for dental professionals starting their careers?  
Keep learning. There is always an opportunity for growth, whether it’s through a new or expanded role, integrating new products, or learning new techniques. The chance to be better tomorrow is always at your fingertips, and that’s what I love most about dentistry. 
What are some dentalcorp resources, continuing education courses, or services that you’ve leveraged to help enable the smooth operation of your practice? 
The resource base at dentalcorp is unlike anything I have previously experienced. The ability to have a wealth of information and expertise at your fingertips significantly impacts and contributes to the success of our practice. I have become confident in my ability to lead thanks to our incredible Regional Managers and dentalcorp resources like dc assist and DC Institute.  
What’s your favourite quote, mantra, or motto, and how does it resonate in your professional career?  
Two specific quotes have helped shape my career: 
“I have no special talent. I am passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein. People often assume you need a unique talent to succeed, but it’s about passion. The more you want to learn your trade, the more successful you’ll be. 
“You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” — Maya Angelou. There are days when we feel defeated and end up taking two steps backwards. But it’s important to remember that there’s always a solution. Brainstorming with your team often leads to a successful outcome. When you have a great team, you will never be defeated. 

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