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International Women's Day: Dr. Aliki Divaris

Posted Mar 6th, 2023 in 2023, spotlights, the wire

In recognition of International Women's Day, we spoke with our Partner Dr. Aliki Divaris, to discuss her journey in dentistry from Associate to Partner, how society has evolved since she started practicing, and the work-life balance support she receives from dentalcorp. 

With the growing predominance of female-led dental practices, there is more opportunity than ever for women in the industry to advocate for and lift one another up. Dr. Aliki Divaris believes that women supporting other women promotes happier and stronger clinicians. “No woman is an island. Teamwork really does make the dream work,” she says.   
In her early days, Dr. Divaris experienced some challenges as a woman in the workplace. Having been treated as an equal her entire life and facing few barriers throughout her education, she was surprised by unprovoked comments about her skill level, age, and appearance ten years ago when she began her career in dentistry.  
“As a woman in the industry, it was not uncommon, unfortunately, to face questions and skepticism that I don’t believe my male colleagues did,” she explains. “I also observed that some patients were more accepting of a diagnosis and treatment plan from my male counterparts.” Thankfully though, she has noticed a continued evolution and shift since she first started practicing. 
Dr. Divaris began at dentalcorp as an Associate Dentist at Creditview Dental in Mississauga, and a couple of years later an opportunity became available to step into taking on Partner responsibilities. That led to officially becoming a Partner in 2022. “My experience within our network has been very positive. I have been treated equitably as a woman in the organization by all levels of management and was encouraged to take on a leadership role. I love being a part of the industry disruption and being involved in the overall mission of delivering the best patient experience and clinical outcomes through dentalcorp’s innovative initiatives,” she says. 
Ensuring a positive patient experience isn't a one-person job. Dr. Divaris collaborates with her colleagues to deliver optimal care to their valued patients. They work cohesively to develop an understanding and trust with patients by ensuring effective communication, high-quality work, and an excellent customer service experience. “When you have all of those pieces in place, patients will be committed and excited to come see you,” she says. 
Dr. Divaris believes that support is the work-life balance that women need. She appreciates working for an organization that provides a true network and offers benefits and flexibility that would be much more difficult to achieve in a solo practice environment. “Women kill it in the sciences and excel as superb clinicians, but I think the biggest obstacle is the unique set of challenges we endure, particularly in relation to family,” she explains. “I think understanding and accepting the duality of roles that women face is extremely important in order to encourage women to pursue dentistry as a career."  
As her passion for dentistry continuously evolves, Dr. Divaris appreciates the trailblazing work of the many strong women before her who paved the way for boundless career opportunities. “The sky is the limit” she says.  

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