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Associate Spotlight: Dr. Dogbé

Posted Apr 12th, 2023 in spotlights, the wire

We’re shining the spotlight on Dr. Dogbé, Associate Dentist at Centre Dentaire Familial Ste-Dorothée, Laval, Quebec. Dr. Dogbé tells us about the life experience that prompted him to pursue a career in dentistry, his passion for continuing education, and the importance of treating patients the same way we want to be treated. 

Tell us about any milestones in your life that led you to your career path today.

Over the years, I gradually started doing wisdom teeth extractions that I would have referred in the past. As I became comfortable with more intricate surgical interventions, I started to really enjoy those procedures and took great pride in doing them. That’s when I began expanding my knowledge in that field and pursued continued education in Implantology. 

What do you enjoy most about being an Associate dentist within the dentalcorp network? 

With dentalcorp, we have access to best-in-class resources, continuing education and technology. Because of these tools, services and resources, we’re able to focus on providing optimal care to our patients. 

What challenges did you face getting started in your career?

When you graduate from university, you have the will and the energy, but you lack the experience. Experience grows with each year in practice. You eventually build confidence, acquire new skills, build cases, and expand your career.

When you decided on a career in healthcare, what influenced your choice to become a dentist? 

Initially, I wanted to be a physician. However, this changed after I underwent some orthodontic treatment and a Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy surgery in my early twenties. This left me with neuralgia for three years, which sparked my curiosity about dentistry. I learned that there were surgical specialties within the field. Without that experience, I am not sure I would have pursued dentistry. 

How would you describe excellence in patient care, and how does dentalcorp help you deliver it?  

I take care of my patients the same way I would like to be taken care of. I’m mindful of this every single day. 

Do you have a favourite patient or practice story? 

Our receptionist asked me to take care of her husband. He had some missing and fractured teeth and was anxious and nervous about his oral health. I'm usually reluctant about seeing family or friends, but she was persistent, and I agreed. We gradually went through everything from bone grafts to implants. He's extremely happy with the outcome, and now our receptionist asked me to do the same for her. I appreciate, and I’m grateful for her trust.  

What's the best advice or guidance you have ever received, and how do you apply it in your professional life?  

During my residency, one of the clinicians advised us to pursue continuing education as much as possible. As dentists, we're required to complete a certain number of courses annually, and I'll usually exceed that to maximize my knowledge and experience. 

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