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Practice Manager Spotlight: Paula Q.

Posted Apr 25th, 2023 in spotlights, the wire

We’re shining the spotlight on Paula Q., Practice Manager at Ortho101 in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Paula tells us about the importance of building relationships with patients, ensuring a healthy work-life balance, and helping team members thrive in the workplace.  

How long have you been a Practice Manager with Ortho101?

I worked for Dr. Chana for two years in a different office, and he asked me to join Ortho101 when it opened in February 2018.

What excites you most about your current role?

The best part of my job is experiencing the excitement of the transformation when patients have their braces removed. I also love building relationships with our patients and their families. It's very different from general dentistry because we see our patients regularly.

What skills are essential to being a good Practice Manager within the dentalcorp network?

Many skills are required to operate a successful dental office, but people skills are the most important. A good Practice Manager must be able to connect with patients otherwise, they will find another practice. The competition is fierce in our market, so your team must know that they're valued. Thankfully, dentalcorp realizes the value of training and education and offers opportunities for professional development, so we’re always at the forefront of dentistry.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I love to hike, golf, and spend time with my family. I'm a grandmother to three incredible grandkids. I strive for a healthy work-life balance, but it's not always easy. Getting outside is the best way to clear my mind.

What does your practice do to ensure an exceptional patient experience?

We take the time to get to know our patients and make them comfortable in our office. Our practice is also involved with multiple charities within our community. Over the holiday season, we collect gifts, clothing, and food for our local Helping Hands society, which supplies Christmas hampers and presents for families in need. We involve our patients with each initiative, and they love to cheer us on and follow our journeys. 

What advice do you have for dental professionals starting their careers? 

It's essential to be a people person and make patients feel comfortable in our practice.

What's your favourite quote, mantra, or motto, and how does it resonate in your professional career? 

A speaker at a seminar I attended said that good leaders aren't worried about advancing themselves but rather advancing the team. If we lift others, we naturally lift ourselves. Helping my team be their absolute best and allowing them to shine enables our office to thrive.