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Treatment Coordinator Spotlight: Andrew M.

Posted Aug 16th, 2023 in spotlights, the wire

We’re shining the spotlight on Andrew M., Treatment Coordinator at Mount Pearl Dental in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Andrew tells us about the benefits of excellent communication, the key to building lasting relationships with patients, and the importance of understanding the link between oral and systemic health.

Tell us about your background — why did you choose this career, and how long have you been with Mount Pearl Dental?

I spent about eight years in the education field before joining the Mount Pearl Dental team. Dr. Elliott is an old friend, and he hired me to teach and educate patients as the clinic’s Treatment Coordinator. I have now been with the team for nearly ten years.

What do you enjoy most about being a treatment coordinator?

It is great to see the results after a patient undergoes a life-changing dental procedure. It’s gratifying to witness how treatment affects their lives and how they appreciate my help in making it happen.

What skills are essential to be successful as a treatment coordinator?

Excellent communication is key to being successful at this job. It establishes trust in your relationship with patients, from the initial consultation to the final handshake at the end of their treatment and beyond.

What’s a little-known fact about dentistry that people would be surprised to learn?

Many people are unaware that your oral health is linked to your overall systemic health. Diabetes and heart disease are related directly to poor oral health.

What do you think is a common dental myth?

Some people think that erupting wisdom teeth cause the other teeth in your mouth to shift, and this is simply not true. It’s usually a coincidence related to the age your wisdom teeth come in and the growth you are experiencing in your jaw at that time.

Do you have a favourite patient or practice story?

One of the most rewarding experiences I had was teaming up with the Mount Pearl Dental team during Give Back Smile Back to provide dental services to those in need.

What piece of advice do you have for dental professionals starting their careers?

Treat patients how you would like to be treated. For many, the dental office can be associated with pain, discomfort, and stress. Treating patients with respect and compassion will go a long way to building positive lasting relationships and an excellent patient experience overall.